1st step: Why?

Creating a wedding website is standard practice these days, and it is easy enough for even the most low-tech peoples (although some do hire web designers).

Gather the following information that can be include:

  • Wedding itinerary, lodging options, and registry information.
  • Dress code
  • Local activities, map and directions
  • Your Story
  • The photos and details about the wedding party

The website should not be used in lieu of printed items, don’t assumed that everyone will visit your website, even if it is printed clearly on an enclosure card.

2nd step: Explore your options

Explore and select one platform, when it comes to build your wedding site, there are number of different platforms to choose from. Each with slightly different services, design temples, and cost structures.  Here are a few to consider

  • Appycouple.com : if you want something bold, this is a good option, in addition to the website they also create an app for your wedding where guests can upload photos. Price range: $49 – $150.
  • Minted.com : The online design marketing features not only hundreds of invitation styles (even custom stamps) but also the ability to create a matching wedding website. Price range: Free.
  • RileyGrey.com : These modern well-designed templates look like the work of a professional (fonts, backgrounds, and graphic, elements on each template, though, cannot be altered) Price range: $35 Monthly.
  • SquareSpace.com : if you want to have more control over the design of your site.  Used on of the company’s nonwedding templates and upload your own design or create something totally unique.  They also have designed wedding temples.  Price range:  $12 Monthly.

3th step : Be Unique

Giving your site a custom URL is a nice touch, especially if you are going to be including it on your printed invitation suite either as an enclosure card or on the invitation itself.

Most building your own website companies offer custom URLs with their stander package for an additional fee.  If your first name is taken, do mothing more creative, like using nicknames, your wedding hashtag, or the name of your venue.

When thinking about how to build your wedding website, they are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

4th step: Be Specific

Will you be able to maintain visual consistency with your printed stationary?

Some companies offer website templates with coordinating printed invitations, other will allow you to upload a custom crest that you have already created.

Can you Create a custom URL? 

It is much nicer to print something personalized than to have to list a company name and part of website address.

Do you want password protection services for additional privacy?

This is especially important if you need to provide home address or any other personal information on your site.

Do you want any additional planning services?

Glenda Sierra, LLC provide helpful back-end services, like guest list management, event RSVPs (so guest can RESVP on your wedding website instead of mailing back a card) photo sharing, maps, planning, timelines, and even event designs.

What will it cost?

The cost structure is either a onetime or a monthly fee. When thinking about cost, remember that you may want to leave the website up for a few months after the wedding if you are planning to post pictures on it and to keep the registry live-people will continue to give gift long after the wedding is over.