Your reception site sets the stage for the entire party.  Think about your wedding style, your guest-list size, and the general mood you want to set as you tour the venues. 

We would like to help you by giving you a tip to find the venue that goes with your vision.

1. Check the size…

The room is large enough to accommodate the number of people on your guest list.  Factor 25 to 30 square feet per guest for a sit-down dinner.

2. Know how to save…

You have to be a little flexible but there are ways to cut cost on the reception, marry in a less popular month (avoid June, September, or October) consider a night besides Saturday, or take advantage of your country club membership or alumni status and lock in a member only rate.

Venue2 - Glenda Sierra

3. Plan to spend more time on an unconventional venue…

If you choose a creative location such as lighthouse or art gallery – or any location that does not do a lot of wedding- There will be more details to work out that if you choose a place that is known for wedding celebrations.


4. Find the right color…

If you are considering a certain theme and color palette for your party say.  Pay attention to the colors in the venue.

The site does not have to be done in the exact colors as your planned decorations, but the walls, chairs, and curtains should not conflict with your party’s mood or theme.


5. Beware the home wedding…

It sounds like a great way to save money but renting everything that a banquet hall would supply can be costly in comparison.

If you have your heart set on a tented wedding at home, consider essentials such as parking, restrooms, and a weather plan.

Venue3 - Glenda Sierra