Intimate proposal in public Space:

Those planning a marriage proposal had a variety of options when it comes to popping the question:

Would the proposal take place local or far away? Public or private place? Would family members and friends be present to celebrate?

While some proposer are still opting for at home or private proposal, it is more by choice rather than necessity, and just because these proposals are more private doesn’t mean they can’t be elaborately planned.  From reserving a special place at a restaurant, hiring a planner or adding unique décor we at Glenda Sierra, LLC we seeing:

Intimate proposal in public Space: Creating an intimate moment in public space, this can look like creating a private dining experience at their favorite restaurant.  Or perhaps creating an upscale proposal in a public park or on a private beach personal and special.  

Venue Rental:

For a twist on the private proposal, many proposers are opting to rent a venue where they can pop the question in a space that’s intimate, but a bit more unique than home.  Though renting an entire venue just for your proposal might seem a bit over the top.  It ensure complete privacy “Most requests are that the venue or location has a pretty backdrop or view and it is fully private.  The private rental spaces, especially outdoor spaces with beach views and rooftops right now, have been the most popular because it ensures a couple’s proposal can take place without hiccups.

Destination Proposal:

Destination proposal are back in a big way. Proposers are choosing locations for a variety of reasons, with spectacular scenery – from a majestic mountain top to a stunning vineyard, a serene lake, and more being a major factor to create those worthy moments.

Proposal Party:

The post proposal surprise parties, where the couple’s family members and friends celebrate in person immediately after the question is popped are back –though a bit smaller. A majority of our clients will utilize their privately rented proposal venue to host their guests following the proposal.  These celebrations are not a 50+ guest party but many are opting to have 15 – 25 guests present.

Hiring a Professionals:

Proposal Planner & photographer:  Hiring a planner can make all difference, the planner can help developing and executing the perfect proposal experience.  You want to show up, look good, and pop the question the photographer, videographer, florist, musicians, are especially there to allow the couple to live in the moment, allow that moment to unfold, and create the narrative as seamlessly as possible.