You want to make sure that the decorations are up to your expectations! Follow your creative, and let your creativity and imagination flow step by step!

Define your theme

The decoration of your wedding must be in synch with and flow from your theme. Once you choose the theme, every aspect of the décor must supplement or compliment your vision. Remember, your goal is to create a magical mood for your day. It should tell your story, about you & your fiancée, the place you met, a special memory or whatever you want to tell to those closest to you!

Essential Accents: Flowers & Balloons

Natural flowers are always an excellent choice when decorating. They represent freshness and natural beauty. But well-made silk flowers are an excellent alternative for your budget. Another accent element to consider is balloons. Use of balloons is trending now, think unique columns & figures beyond the birthday party along with ease of use.

The Head Table & Cake Table

Don’t forget to decorate the main tables! Your head table (s) and the cake table should be the focal points of your event décor. All eyes should be drawn to them!


The indispensable key elements of your party’s décor are your centerpieces. They are the focal point of your table design. The key is to make sure the arrangement doesn’t overwhelm your guest and overpower the table. Stick strictly to the theme in term of colors, width, and height.


It is important to remember that the tablecloth, napkins and seat covers should be similar in design and color tones. We can play with different textures; everything should look impeccable and distinctive.